Rotary Air Lock Valve, Rotary valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Rotary Airlock Valve for Mixing Powder Material

Rotary Airlock Valve

We are manufacturing industrial high quality stainless steel Rotary Airlock Valve and they contain cutting-edge design features that allow for easy tool-less access for maintenance and sanitation.

Technical Specification :-

  • Port Size: Standard
  • Material: C.I, FC, Aluminum, M.S, Stainless steel& Customer requirement
  • Structure: Safety
  • Power: motorized
  • Pressure: Low Pressure and High
  • Media: powder, granular

Feature :

  • Rotary Airlock Valve for Pneumatic Delivery
  • Bulk material rotary airlock valves
  • Noise reducing rotary airlock valve
  • high quality rotary airlock feeder air valve design
  • heavy duty rotary airlock feeder / discharge valve
  • Chemical Resistant Rotary Airlock Valve
  • Quick clean rotary airlock valve
  • Easy clean pneumatic rotary valve

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Planetary Mixer for Pharmaceutical in India

Shakti Engineering work’s Planetary Mixer can be used for cookies as well as cakes. It is manufactured in strong form to make sure low ambiances and smooth operational. It is formfitting with scraper and mixer doesn’t essential manual recurrent hand mixing. Motorized up down movement of bowl by imported gear motor for relaxed process.

Industrial Planetary Mixers for pharmaceutical industries

Planetary Mixers

The bowl descends and sits on the floor. The bowl then can be taken to the dropping machine. Neither the blade, nor the scrapper needs to be opened after every mixing. Voluntary extra bowl with wheels will be provided to upturn the manufacture to supreme with no idle time. The blade is designed to give soft gentle beating to the dough. The mixer is Programmable Logic Controlled i.e. it is fully computerized. It has 6 variable speeds run one after one. You can feed time for each speed before starting of mixing. User can also store recipe for the mixing of different products. This mixer is definitely a revolutionary product and can help you a lot to improve your quality.

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Reactor Vessel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Shakti Engineering Works is one of leading manufacturing for Reactor Vessel. We have wide range of our product which manufactured by our experts.

Reactor Vessel widely used in commercial nuclear power plant

Reactor Vessel

We manufacture reactor vessel as per market demand. Reactor Vessels are frequently used to cook food, and however a nuclear-powered device may not be cooking food unswervingly for you, it definitely delivers a source of a similarly cherished food for the society: electrical dynamism. But distant from the cooking occupational there are a lot of starring role which a nuclear reactor vessel has to accomplish and some of these are as follows.

  • The coolant prerequisites a passageway to flow through the reactor so that it can be used to transferable the heat to the working fluid or the turbine openly, as the case may be, and this passageway is delivered by the reactor vessel.
  • It performances to encircle the numerous parts inside the device including the core, shield, indicator etc.


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Why a Ribbon Blender Machine Might be Right for You

Why manufacturing industries prefer our Ribbon Blender is question of any consumer but we as Shakti Engineering has set up our bench markin all over Gujarat and journey not end only to it but embrace hundreds of nationwide & worldwide customers as well. Our Ribbon Blender product have astonishing feature like lab tasted to heavy duty model with high speed. We are providing various quality parameters so that anyone can operate devoid of any superior drill or rehearsal and extensively accepted by different diligence like pharmaceutical, plastic, engineering, food, chemical & many more.

Ribbon Blender Machine

Ribbon Blender Machine

Our one best product range of Blender is especially invented with different eminence of steel like stainless steel, carbon steel & alloy steels as per manufacturing prerequisite. We manufacture environment friendly products, which required precise maintenance & power-driven energy with varieties of design available in small, medium, large & extra-large volume dimensions to mix small to large size substantial. We used very strident edges are mounted in this, which mixtures dissimilar soft to hard material in less period. Ribbon Blenders is intention to deliver high mixing competency, consolidation minor proportions into large stocks. Our Machine is predominantly designed for use with dry materials, although gas and liquid streams can also be familiarized. A wide-ranging range of alignments, for either consignment or constant mixing, are obtainable.

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Vibro Sifter Machine

Vibro Sifter Machine – improves consistency in packaging industries

Shakti Engineering is proposing Vibro Sifter Machine to our clients. This innovative Vibro Sifter Machine is specially designed for perfect ranking, scrabbling in a single operation.

Vibro Sifter Machine

Vibro Sifter Machine

We used to certify the correct product superiority of powders or liquids is attained by eliminating antic effluence. Our ranges of Vibro sifters are Amazingly adaptable and able used for degree created separation of virtually any substantial. Vibro sifters are invented at our thriving conventional and exactly raised manufacturing plant using international and extensively suitable merchandise design. These sifters are widely accepted by many industries like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Spices, Fertilizers, Cosmetics, and many others. An extensive variety of dimensions and preferences means the machine can be bespoke to suit your meticulous needs.

  • Stress-free disassembling and vacuuming capability for touching base portions.
  • Standard machine are flame proof motorized substantial.
  • Competitive price and Robust with Vibro Sifter effectiveness.
  • Specially designed to work in any environs and temperature.
  • Silent, Maintenance free & high speediness.
  • Transportable and compressed.
  • Electric power requirement less than other machine of the kind in the industries & lower energy.
  • Offered in numerous simulations providing screening diameter of 12”, 20”, 30” , 36”, 48”, 60” etc
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Specifications of The Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock Valve

Today most of the industries are engaged with the rotary valve.  This valve ranges from different size and used to increase the pressure and temperature.  The Rotary Airlock Valve is available in different types.  The valve is envisioned with the airlock and feeder function. The valve is easy to maintain and fabricated with the adjustable rotor. The manufactures of the company provide the best quality of the valve to the buyers. Moreover, the valve is available at the affordable price to the industries. Each airlock valve offer a creative design and larger to give more volume and provide an accurate result of the valve.

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Specifications of the Stirrer Vessel from India

Our firm manufacture provides different varieties and Different Size of Stirrer Vessel from India.

Stirrer Vessel

Stirrer Vessel

We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers for the Stirrer Vessel. To ensure the flow circulation of the heated fluid in the jacket unvaried so that the interior and jacket of the vessel designed precisely. It’s available with different kinds of specifications that suit to the different demands of the clients. Our firm will able to satisfy all requirements of the clients by providing a wide array of Stirrer Vessel. Moreover, they provide high efficiency and durable construction. This type of vessel is easy to install and provide longer serviceability and come with the excellent design, performance, and high impact resistance. Moreover, it is the corrosion resistant and it is durable in nature. Our stirrer vessel has the smooth finish and unmatched quality so that it produces maximum efficiency.

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