Need and application of Material handling machineries

Material Handling Machinery

Material Handling Machinery

Material handling is basically the movement, storage, protection, as well as control of materials and many other products for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and consumption as well as for disposal.  Material handling machinery helps in

  • Material Forecasting
  • Material allocation
  • Production planning  based on available stock
  • Material Flow and process management
  • Inventory management and control of stock

Material handling machineries are used to improve the quality of customer service, reduction of inventory, shortening of the delivery time, and also for lowering overall handling costs for manufacturing, distributing and for transportation. Shakti Engineering works is known for offering finest range of Material handling machineries in the market and that too of high quality and best price. No compromise is made to the manufacturing process and different varieties of Material handling machineries are made available as per the need of the end users. The machines are available at an affordable price range.

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Application and available types of Liquid Mixing Machinery

For any industry which is dealing with liquid or gas will be in need of high quality Liquid Mixing Machineries. You can find its application in nuclear power plant, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and environmental industries.

Liquid Mixing Machinery

Liquid Mixing Machinery

The mixing of the elements needs to be done carefully and with perfection to make the mixed material perfect for further use. There are different varieties of Liquid Mixing Machinery available in the market and Shakti Engineering works is one of the leading manufacturers of the same. With this company you will find Reactor Vessel, Stirrer Vessel, Homogenizer, Inline Homogenizer, Colloid Mill and Transfer Pump and Lube Pump. Each of them is has a different set of role when it comes to even mixing of liquid or gas. For more information in this regard it is advisable to get in touch with the manufacturers. Latest technology is used in making the Liquid Mixing Machinery as per industry standard.

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Salient Features of The Rotary Vacuum Dryer

You can see Rotary Vacuum Dryer in most of the industries for various purposes, but vacuum dryer is highly accessed now.

Rotary Vaccume Dryer

Rotary Vaccume Dryer

It is because of its efficient and effective uses in different ways. It offers simple, clean and effective method of drying powder, slurry, and wet cake. When compared to tray dryer, the energy and labor cost is lower. Additionally, product losses are also negligible during handling.

Features of the Rotary Vacuum Dryer:

  • This device is equipped with various designs of agitators that depends on the material you need to be dried
  • It has unique and special quick opening discharge valve that allows direct packing of any dry products into drums or bags
  • Even shaft sealing by the mechanical seals is available as well
  • It offers breaker rods in order to prevent formation of lumps and let complete & quick drying


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Avail quality Rotary feeders for bulk material handling

Rotary feeders, popularly known as rotary airlocks or rotary valves, are mostly used for various industrial as well as agricultural applications as a medium for bulk or special material handling system.

Rotary Airlock Valve for Mixing Powder Material

Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock Valve is considered suitable for managing the discharging as well as feeding of powdery or granular materials from hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, silos, bag filter houses, and cyclones. Based on the demands of the end users the reputed manufacturing companies can design Rotor which fits the requirements exactly. There are many industries where you can see the application of this Rotary Airlock Valve. The major ones using the same are Food, Chemical, Minerals, Pharma, Guar Gum, Cellulose Pigment Colors and Starch. Shakti Engineering Works is one of the best manufacturers of this product in the industry. The experts here are using finest quality raw material like C.I, FC, Aluminum, M.S and Stainless steel sourced from the leading vendors in the market. Use of latest technology is done to design the rotary and making it ideal as per the needs of the industry. Attention is given to make these valves free from corrosion and durable.  The machine size which is available with this company range between 6” NB to 40” NB.

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Reactor Vessel – An Important Component In The Nuclear Reactor

The nuclear reactor comprises of different parts that carry out various functions associated with the heat functions with burning the nuclear fuel.

Reactor Vessel widely used in commercial nuclear power plant

Reactor Vessel

Out of various parts in the nuclear reactor, Reactor Vessel is the most significant component.  This vessel is not used for cooking purpose because it is used to offer the electrical source to the society.  It performs several functions and some of them mentioned below.

  • Reactor vessel acts to enclose different parts present inside the reactor that includes reflector, shield, crore, and much more
  • The coolant requires a passage in order to flow via the reactor and therefore it can be accessed to transfer the heat to the turbine or working fluid straightly. In this case, the passage is offered by the reactor vessel.
  • It also used to withstand the intense pressure exists inside the reactor and offers safe work environment


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Bank on ribbon blenders manufactured by Shakti Engineering Works

Ribbon Blenders is designed along with a U-shaped horizontal trough. It consists of a specially fabricated ribbon agitator.

Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon Blender

A ribbon agitator is also having a set of inner as well as outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon of the blender moves materials in one single direction while the inner ribbon makes the movement of the materials in a direction opposite to outer ribbon. The ribbons make the rotation at a speed of approx. 300 fpm, it moves the materials both radicals as well as laterally in order to insure perfect blends in the shortest possible times. Ribbon agitators are used in many industries for blending which will range between 40 to 100% of based on the rated capacity of ribbon blender. Shakti Engineering Works is one of the leading manufacturers of this blender and known for offering high quality and durable blender in the industry. The product is available with this company in various capacities starting from low to extra large volume. It is considered suitable for mixing solid to solid and also solid with liquid. In case you are looking for some customization of the product then feel free to ask for the same to the manufacturer.

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The number one manufacturer of high quality Rotary vacuum dryer

Rotary Vacuum Dryer is a known mechanical instrument having horizontal as well as cylindrical jacketed shell along with hollow agitator which is rotating with close clearance. For batch operation, the process of drying is done with the use of vacuum and heating is done through the jacket.

Rotary Vaccume Dryer

Rotary Vaccume Dryer

The dryer has offered a very simple yet beneficial method for drying of wet cakes as well as slurries. Shakti Engineering is one of the leading companies of the industry, which is known for manufacturing finest quality rotary Vacuum dryer using latest technology.

Materials which are used in the making of this dryer are sourced from the licensed vendors in the market to avoid any discrepancy in the production utility. This dryer is used for drying of variety of products.

It is made available in various sizes ranging from 100 liters to 20,000 liters in gross volume. Drive variation is available from 5hp to 75 HP. Different types of rotors are available in the dryer which are Helical Ribbon, Paddles, and Special.

It can manage the temperature ranging between 30°C to 300°C. A proper quality check is done by the experts of the company before dispatching the product to client locations. On request customization can be done in the dryer.

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