Highly Demand Planetary Mixer

Backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we are able to manufacture Planter Mixer in India which is highly in demand by our customers. You can choose from a wide range of Mixer as per your preference size. Our Planetary Mixer is highly appreciated by our clients because of their homogenous mixing and optimum performance. This equipment will speed up the process thus you can prepare homogenous mixture without putting extra efforts.

We are able to offer various mixers as per various speplanetary-mixercifications and capacities as per your needs. Our machines are highly durable with robust construction. Planetary Mixers are widely used for degassing, mixing and kneading. These can be used to mix the products which are heat sensitive. The speed of the Planetary Mixer is different thus you can choose as per your requirements. Our Planetary Mixer Machines are known for quality and are in high demand because of their optimum performance.

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Wide assortment range of Rotary Airlock Valves

With our rich experience in the manufacturing industry, we are able to provide a wide assortment range of Rotary Airlock Valves allows you to choose the one as per your needs. Our primary aim is to satisfy our esteemed clients, thus we offer quality approve valves to all our clients. Rotary Airlock Valve is used to offer free flowing of dry powder and crystal or powder form of the various materials. Usually, rotary airlock valves are used in bulk handling systems to control the flow of powder form materials.

Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Airlock Valve

It can seal and prevent the flow of the material by blocking the incoming material. You can select one rotary airlock valve as per your material density, the flow ability of the material, powdered or crystal form of material and the desired capacity. These are the factors which you should decide before making a purchase. Choose the one from wide assortment range which can complete the needs and requirements of your applications.

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The Homogenizer Advantage

Homogenizers have become really popular in food industries because of the homogenizer advantages. Homogenizers are widely used in various industries such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries. Homogenizers are used to prepare highly consistent food products with improved taste and texture thus these products are loved by customers. The consistent mixture is the only reason why homogenizers are high in demand in these days.



The consistency is really very important in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries because customers want to have their cosmetic products such as creams to have the consistent texture and good in appearance as well as if we talk about a pill then the material should be evenly dispersed in pills. Thus homogenizers play a crucial role in various industries. if you are looking for a great quality homogenizer at affordable cost then contact with our highly experienced professionals and get ready to have highly efficient and durable homogenizer at an affordable price.

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Vibro Screen for screening of both wet and dry materials

As the name says, Vibro Screen is used for screening of both wet and dry materials. The task of the Vibro screen is to separate liquid from powder. Vibro screens are widely used in food, minerals and metals, engineering, ceramic, dairy industries, soap and detergent industries, agro, paper and pulp industries and in much more.


Vibro Screen

Our designed Vibro screen machines are highly adaptable to different materials and processes thus our Vibro screen machines can be used for various purposes such as removal of dust, separation, grading, and classification of various materials such as seeds and grains, removal of oversized particles or lumps, shifting and screening of powders and liquids and much more.

Our Vibro screens are used in various industries and labs to do various tasks. Our Vibro screens are highly versatile used for various operations such as separation and shifting. The material fed on the screen as per the particle size and nature. Our Vibro Screens are highly durable and reliable makes these a great choice for one.

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Stainless steel construction ribbon blender for mixing material

If you are looking for a blender which offers you the homogenous mixture of the ingredients then ribbon blender is the perfect choice for you.

Ribbon Blender for mixing material

Ribbon Blender

These machines are widely used in chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pesticide, and food processing industries for blending various ingredients. The ribbon blender compromises of “U” shaped tank shafted with two sets of ribbons. The two set of ribbons are arranged in a way one inside the other one.

The sanitary design, highly sturdy construction and supreme quality stainless steel construction are some of the features given to ribbon blenders by our professionals. A list of food item which needs uniformity blending such as instant salad dressing, seasonings, flavorings, cocoa mix and much more can be perfectly blended with the help of ribbon blenders. Our blender machine offer durability, reliability and highest quality making our blenders a good choice to buy. You can buy as per your needed specification or as per your needed capacity from a wide range of selection offered by us.

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Best rotary vacuum dryer for dry powder

Our Rotary vacuum dryer offers an efficient solution of obtaining dry powder from wet cakes or any other solution. Rotary vacuum dryer is reliable, efficient and stable heating drying equipment perfect for various purposes where other dryers may not be an appropriate solution.

Rotary Vacuume Dryer

Rotary Vacuume Dryer

The operating cost and minimally required labor are lower as compared to other rotary vacuum dryers. To complete the rising demand of our customers, our professionals work continuously and offer a wide range of rotary vacuum dryers to our customers. Our professionals always put their efforts to make the best at an affordable price and this is the only reason that we can offer our supreme quality rotary vacuum dryers at an affordable price.

Our dryer is specially designed for those products which are temperature sensitive. The best thing about our vacuum dryer is that they consume less electrical energy as compared to the other dryers thus you can operate this at lower cost and can get desired results.

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Customize Vibro Sifter

We are among-st the renowned suppliers of the most appealing and premium quality Vibro Sifter. We are having with us a dedicated team of experts who ensure to match the expectations of the customer with the excellence quality of the product offered.

Double Deck Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter

We offer both standard and custom sized and providing screening diameter of 24”, 30”, 32”, 39”, 48”, 60 etc. as per client needs. We are ready to accept customized order and make sure to deliver the batch within given timeline. We offer the product at affordable price range. “SHAKTI” Vibro Shifter are available in M.S., SS304L & SS316L.

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