Double Cone Blender for speed up its Mixing Process

The bender is made from best high-quality raw material; our variety of DOUBLE CONE BLENDER is broadly appreciated and demanded inside the market. This product comes with excessive electricity motor which quickens its blending procedure.

Double Cone Blender for Mixing Material

Double Cone Blender

This blender is efficient and versatile system for homogeneous blending of dry powder and granules. The layout and shape of the product is specific which require much less area and less energy from different comparable mixers to be had inside the market. Its speedy but clean running processing makes it something one-of-a-kind and unique. It used in various industries along with Pharmaceutical, Chemical and beauty merchandise, meals and more. This merchandise is pretty demanded in home and global marketplace.

Various features of double cone blender:

  • Less space is required for the further process.
  • The conical form at both ends enables uniform mixing and smooth discharge.
  • Dependable mixing will took the process into success.
  • Three-aspect accessibility.

About Shakti Engineering Works

Shakti Engineering Works incorporated in 2006 and today it supplies its products to many industries in India and across India. We have complete facilities to customize products in different size and shapes as per our client’s suitability. To improve our services and quality we timely organize seminars and workshops.
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