Best rotary vacuum dryer for dry powder

Our Rotary vacuum dryer offers an efficient solution of obtaining dry powder from wet cakes or any other solution. Rotary vacuum dryer is reliable, efficient and stable heating drying equipment perfect for various purposes where other dryers may not be an appropriate solution.

Rotary Vacuume Dryer

Rotary Vacuume Dryer

The operating cost and minimally required labor are lower as compared to other rotary vacuum dryers. To complete the rising demand of our customers, our professionals work continuously and offer a wide range of rotary vacuum dryers to our customers. Our professionals always put their efforts to make the best at an affordable price and this is the only reason that we can offer our supreme quality rotary vacuum dryers at an affordable price.

Our dryer is specially designed for those products which are temperature sensitive. The best thing about our vacuum dryer is that they consume less electrical energy as compared to the other dryers thus you can operate this at lower cost and can get desired results.

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Customize Vibro Sifter

We are among-st the renowned suppliers of the most appealing and premium quality Vibro Sifter. We are having with us a dedicated team of experts who ensure to match the expectations of the customer with the excellence quality of the product offered.

Double Deck Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter

We offer both standard and custom sized and providing screening diameter of 24”, 30”, 32”, 39”, 48”, 60 etc. as per client needs. We are ready to accept customized order and make sure to deliver the batch within given timeline. We offer the product at affordable price range. “SHAKTI” Vibro Shifter are available in M.S., SS304L & SS316L.

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Vibro Screen – working principle features application

You can see here – How Vibro Screen Machine works

Our Vibro Screen Machines differ in size of different types of materials like Granule, Powder, etc,. Our Machine is more useful in the organization like Mirch powder, cumin powder, etc,.

These products variably find its applications in industries like.

  • Food & Spices
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Animal Feed
  • Chemicals
  • Metal Powders
  • Minerals
  • Fertilizers, Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pigment


These products are also known as Vibro Screen & Gyro screen as well.

  • Our models ranging from 24” to 60”
  • 560 (mm) to 1500 (mm)
  • The Dia of the machine are ranging from


For more information please visit our site :

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What is a rotary airlock valve?

Rotary Airlock Valve is commonly used in the agricultural and industrial application as a component in a material handling system. And this product is widely used for the dust discharge of bulk solid material. It has the discharging function to make more preferable other than the products available in the market. And this product is specially designed for the well-experienced expert team to provide excellence airlock sealing.

Rotary Airlock Valve for Mixing Powder Material

Rotary Airlock Valve

The Rotary airlock Valve design is unique, capable of posture maximum temperature and pressure and gas leak free. The organizations offer these rotary airlock valves in different sizes which ranges from the 150 mm to 600 mm as per the customer’s requirement with the unique and customized solutions. And it is used in various industries for a different reason such as solid-gas separation and solid metering applications. There are many features available in the Rotary airlock Valve.

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Type of Reactor Presser Vessel

Reactor vessels are located in the heart of the chemical plant. The reactor pressure vessel is the pressure vessel containing nuclear reactor coolant in the nuclear power plant. It has core shroud, reactor coolant as well as the reactor core to the excellence so that it would be a great option for increasing safety procedures.

Reactor Vessel widely used in commercial nuclear power plant

Reactor Vessel

All the power reactors have the extensive reactor pressure vessel and it has been classified based on the coolant with the configuration reaction of the vessel that is used in the coolant. Based on the chemical Changes as well as reactions that take place, Type of Reactor presser Vessel varies in the extensive manner. The stainless steel liquid mixed in the tanks is also highly efficient for using the robust mixing structure suitable for mixing the different chemicals as well as ingredients. A recognized firm is also engaged in manufacturing the extreme efficient type of Reactor Vessel with the central component of reactor coolant system.

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How does a ribbon blender work – Video

Ribbon Blender Machine Supplier for mix the powders and dry granules in Ahmedabad, India

Applications of Ribbon Blender

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Cosmetic Industries, etc,.

Technical Specification of Ribbon Blender

  • High speed blending
  • Hard blade are used in the machine
  • Accuracy based on perfect dimension so our model suits the dimension specified by industrial norms
  • Available Small to large size
  • Proper mixing & blending of powders or granules
  • working capacity – 5 to 10,000 liter

For, more information, please visit at

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Everything You Need To Know About Planetary Mixer

One of the most popular tools accessed in many industries ranging from medical drugs and food products to construction materials is Planetary Mixer. This machine is highly utilized to mix ingredients properly without any flaws.

Planetary Mixer for mixing material

Planetary Mixer

It is specially used when it is essential to form the paste-like consistency material mixture.  This machine is basically accessed to rub and process bread dough. Not only this, they also accessed in the blending pasts and similar products for the construction industry.

You will find this machine in factories & manufacturing facilities, construction sites, food establishments, and industrial & home kitchens.

Features of planetary mixer:

Due to its versatility, it is one of the essential machines in patisseries and bakeries. Its major feature is the interchangeable utensils so that it can be used for mixing paddle, dough hook, and whish.

Different types of planetary mixer:

  • Drum planetary mixer
  • Mixer only planetary mixer
  • Commercial mixer
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